Wood Fencing Solutions

For Commercial & Residential in Sevierville and Surrounding Areas.


Enjoy the beauty of cedar, pine, rustic, and all other types of wood in a fence of your choice, professionally installed by our team at Shoemaker Landscaping and Fencing. Choose your preferred style, size, spacing, and length, and we will take care of the rest. Let us show you what we can do for you.

Custom Built Wooden Privacy Fencing

Is available in a variety of heights and styles to meet your privacy concerns, combining privacy and beauty into your fencing system

Wood Fence Panels

Save more time and have your yard ready for spring and summer more quickly. Available in a wide variety of width, heights, and styles, this is the perfect choice for the owner that wants a fast installation solution without sacrificing quality.

Wood Fence Pickets

Add a major level of customization and build your fence just the way you want by using pickets. This solution makes it easier to personalize your fence and match it to your style and needs.

Customized Wood Fences

Distribute your pickets or panels to your liking. Add privacy or build a neighbor-friendly fence, at Shoemaker Landscaping and Fencing, we are able to install them all. Let us know about your property needs and we will come up with the perfect solution.


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