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From ornamental aluminum fences to wooden horse fences, Shoemaker Landscaping and Fencing is the company of choice to bring beauty, value, and security to your residential and commercial properties in Sevierville and surrounding areas in the East Tennessee area. We do both, fence installation and fence repair for all types of fencing and even more importantly, we provide high quality services at affordable prices. We offer wooden fences, chain link fences, wire fences, iron fences and many more. Call us today and find out more about the diversity of options we have availble to match your needs and wishes.


All Purpose Fence Installation

Share your needs and desires for your property's upgrade and we'll have an answer for you. Whether you'd like to install a fence for decorative or security purposes in a residential or commercial property, we have a solution for you. Reach out to your local fence company and inquire about the various options we have such as an iron fence, vinyl fence, steel fence, wood fence, aluminum fence just to name a few. Enjoy what will be a long-lasting investment that can help you with multiple purposes such as adding a pool fence, backyard fence, dog fence or whichever your fencing ideas are. We promise to live up to your imagination!

Vinyl Fences

Installing a Vinyl Fence in your home will enhance your property by adding privacy and security. Shoemaker Landscaping & Fencing offers you a wide array of designs and colors so that you can match your Vinyl fence to the style of your home and create the perfect outdoor look for your property.

Railing Systems

Shoemaker Landscaping & Fencing offers sliding rail gates which provide several benefits. It increases your property’s security and simultaneously adds a notch of class and refinement to your home. They can be used and look great on a residence’s entrance, driveway or garden. Best of it is, they are useful in both, residential as well as commercial properties.

Chain Link Fences

Choose the most functional, versatile, and affordable fence installation option for your residential property by installing a chain link fence. Shoemaker Landscaping & Fencing is the company to call for galvanized chain link fence installation in Sevierville and its surrounding areas in East Tennessee. This type of fencing combines the benefits of durability, flexibility, and affordability to create a great security barrier for your property.

Wooden Fences

Enjoy the beauty of cedar, pine, rustic, and all other types of wood in a wood fence of your choice, professionally installed by our team at Shoemaker Landscaping and Fencing. Wood fences are extremely customizable to meet your specific taste as you can select from wood fence pickets or wood fence panels. Choose your preferred style, size, spacing, and length, and we will take care of the rest. Let us show you what we can do for you.

Aluminum Fences

Enjoy the benefits a beautiful and very durable aluminum fence has to offer. An aluminum fence can be used in virtually any outdoor area, from bordering the front yard to barricading a swimming pool. Because of its chemical composition, aluminum fences are less vulnerable to corrosion and rust and require very little maintenance, while increasing the level of security


Gates are an essential part of properties. Not only do they have a definitive impact in the style and general looks, but they are also practical and functional and for these reasons are very common to have as a driveway gate, fence gate, garden gate and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and materials such as steel, metal, vinyl, and wood. Contact Shoemaker Landscaping & Fencing and request a free estimate in order to start planning your next project.


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